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supporters and partners

Always networking with globally recognised companies and institutions
Coventry University Enterprises Ltd
Innovate UK
Yudiz Solutions
Crypto Valley
Fan Studio London
IT Governance Ltd

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project vision

TriForce Tokens will become the industry standard on multiple gaming platforms offering player-to-player trading, anti-piracy and a unique first to market honorary system that rewards collaborative game play.

Our technology will give developers new revenue models, lower player attrition rate, player behavioural analysis and creates a new gaming experience for players where they can build a digital asset empire.

three core foundations of the technology

revenue generation

  • Players can trade items on an open market
  • Players can compete with each other for rewards
  • Developers can incentivise players to complete tasks
  • Developers can set a fee for any p2p transaction
  • Transactions happen almost instantly and seamlessly across platforms

player and developer protection

  • Authentication network for multiple platforms to detect piracy
  • Provide developers methods to extract revenue from pirated content
  • Big data interrogation and behavioural tracking to provide deep insights into players
  • Player activity profiles and honours provides community trust

community collaboration

  • Players are rewarded by their peers for positive collaboration
  • Trustworthy profiles are built that are transparent and verifiable
  • Players will earn revenue simply by helping others
  • They can stay in communication with each other across all platforms in one central place


major benefits

Code Icon

developer friendly, rapid deployment

Game developers walk a tight line between producing a high enough quality game while managing development resources and keeping on time, and on budget for release.

Our technology will offer developers across all platforms a way to rapidly deploy common features on games such as tournaments, p2p trading and peer ranking/honouring.

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digital wealth for developers and players

One of our key differentiators to competitors, is that our project is not a replacement for existing revenue models, but instead is an ecosystem that will work harmoniously with existing platforms that both developers and gamers love to use.

Both developers and players will have many unique opportunities to build their digital gaming wealth, giving them a much more rewarding gaming experience.

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fostering happy, safe and ethical communities

Players are known for collaborating together, helping each other reach that next level or improving their skills. Now they can be rewarded by other players with honours.

Honoring will also combat untrustworthy players or even scammers, by providing a level of transparency through honour profiles.

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dealing with piracy

Developers are fighting a losing battle when it comes to anti-piracy measures.

We are building innovative ways of using the blockchain to help combat this and providing unique ways for developers to implement anti-piracy strategies.

project history

our journey begins... and we move toward the future

  • february

    Introduction of new team members and work starts on prototypes of the network and visual mock-ups.

    First advisor, Nazaraf Shah, a Professor of Ethical Hacking and security at Coventry University joins the project.

  • may

    technology proven on prototype game

    Successfully integrated prototype technology into a mobile game prototype.

  • june

    business registration

    Officially registered in the UK at Companies House as a Limited Company.

    Investigation into UK regulatory framework requirements to launch an ICO, start of discussions with FCA and Gambling Commission requirements.

  • july

    new advisors join

    Introduction of advisors to the project:

    • Amos Anderson, Lecturer at Coventry University, MBA Business Administration
    • Kate Breed, Former Molecular Biologist, Business Change Management
    • Owen Ashby, Business Analyst, Market Intelligence and Corporate Strategy

    Registered with the Information Commissioners Office relating to data protection policies.

  • august

    early partnerships formed

    Became full member of TIGA, a game, publisher and trade association

    Partnered with IT Governance Ltd, providing technology audit and assurances

    Partnered with Bitcoin PR Buzz to manage marketing communications.

project goals

Future achievements we are actively working towards

a powerful vision,
builds a powerful future

"Imagine a gaming community that is so collaborative, interactive; alive, you as a player can create and shape your own destiny and wealth. What if, as a developer you could integrate with ease into a live, analytical platform with deep player insights and new unique revenue generation models? What if as a player you could create a revenue stream by simply playing the games you love? Well, this is TriForce Tokens, the future of gaming."

Pete Mardell, CEO

Pete Mardell

Access developer platform prototype:

Access player platform prototype:

assurances to you, the supporter

Clear and transparent assurances that your contribution is protected and utilised entirely on advancing the project

Padlock Icon

fund security

  • Funds managed by independent escrow provider and global leaders, CoinPayments
  • All received funds to be held offline in cold storage
  • Funds to be released upon milestones achieved, not all up front
  • A dedicated relations manager to be appointed
  • Transparency policy in place with bi-weekly updates
Team Icon

strong team

  • Advisers who have worked with multi-million pound international companies
  • CEO proven technology start-up experience for leading technology platform in it's space
  • CTO holds masters in software engineering and is a certified Etheruem blockchain developer
  • Professor of Coventry University, Nazaraf Shah, is a senior lecturer in ethical hacking and computer security
  • Committed to growing the team significantly with a solid four year growth strategy

Clipboard Icon

sound technology

  • Smart Contracts independently reviewed and audited
  • Working with IT Governance Ltd to implement full technology audit and governance
  • Developer platform prototype developed
  • Player platform prototype developed
  • Mobile game prototype developed
Target Icon

proven market opportunity

  • 86% of surveyed indie developers said they loved the idea of our project
  • Global games market revenue at $101.1Bi in 2016
  • Global games market revenue estimated to grow 6.2% year on year
  • Our technology solves some of the top concerns expressed by gaming companies


core team

Pete Mardell

pete mardell


Former head of development of a UK recruitment platform, passionate gamer and crypto enthusiast

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile Github Profile

Raza Ahmed

raza ahmed


PDSL Senior Full Stack and Qualified Blockchain developer, MSc Software Development

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile Github Profile

Nazaraf Shah

dr. nazaraf shah

PhD Research Engineer

Senior Lecturer in Ethical Hacking and Computer Security at Coventry University

Coventry University Biography

Jakub Kafarski

jakub kafarski

Front-end Engineer

CycloMedia Technology, Ericsson

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile Github Profile

Sorina Rusu

sorina rusu

System Developer

MCA Computer Science

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile Github Profile

Jacob Ashby

jacob ashby

General Manager

University of Westminster, Bachelors Degree, International Business

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile

Haider Malik

haider malik

Senior Full Stack Developer

Instructor at Udemy and Fullstackhour, Javascript Expert

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile Github Profile

Simona Patrut

simona patrut


Oracle, Ingram Micro

LinkedIn Profile

Mihai Bratoi

mihai bratoi

Brand Designer

Platinum Designer, 99designs

99Designs Profile

Tib Palin

tib palin

ICO Consultant

Also consulting for UTRUST and Vuily ICO's

LinkedIn Profile

Wayne Barker

wayne barker

Social Media and Content Manager

Account manager for Bitcoin PR Buzz

Twitter Profile Facebook Profile

Ali Arshad

ali arshad

UI/UX Designer

Front end developer, MicroMerger

LinkedIn Profile

advisor team

Kate Breed

kate breed

Former molecular biologist, Senior consultant in systems engineering, Councillor

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile

Blake Pope

blake pope

CEO Bitcoin PR Buzz, worked closely on NEM, UTRUST and Lisk

Bitcoin PR Buzz Profile

Owen Ashby

owen ashby

Business Analyst, Market Intelligence and Corporate Strategy

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile

Marek Herm

marek herm

Legal Advisor, Attorney-at-Law Tax Counsel at ATTELA Law Firm

LinkedIn Profile

Zahid Ali

zahid ali

Strategic Business Development Advisor, Graduate Diploma in Law

LinkedIn Profile


funds release strategy

Ico Icon

ico completed - fund usage

  • Token Distribution to ICO participants within 7 days
  • Aggressive recruitment campaigns to attract the best talent to the project
  • Listing tokens on exchanges
  • Conceptual phase of brand, platform and network
  • Completed concept of Triforce Blockchain Platform, Network and anti-piracy engine
  • Legal consultations
Code Icon

phase 2

  • Completed beta version of Triforce peer-to-peer network
  • Completed beta version of Triforce Blockchain Platform
  • Working prototype of big data counter-piracy engine
  • Heavy digital promotions, advertising and community outreaching
  • Key partnerships to gaming community
  • Sponsoring key gaming and crypto events and having prime stands
Code Icon

phase 3

  • Production release of Triforce peer-to-peer Network
  • Production release of Triforce Blockchain Platform
  • Completed beta platform for big data counter-piracy engine
  • Continue and ramp up aggressive promotional strategies
Code Icon

phase 4

  • Production release of Triforce peer-to-peer Network
  • Production release of Triforce Blockchain Platform
  • Completed beta platform for big data anti-piracy engine
  • Continue and ramp up aggressive promotional strategies



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Simply fill out the form at the top of the page and further instructions will be emailed to you.

No, but you need to accept terms and conditions, confirm that you are not USA citizen and you can only participate with the crypto currencies defined in the white paper

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Waves

500,000,000 Fixed Supply (375,000,000 available for ICO participants)

Yes, any tokens not sold at the end of the main ICO will be destroyed to ensure no over-supply.

At the end of the main ICO funding round, tokens will be distributed once a full audit has taken place. We aim to have all tokens distributed within 30 days after the end of the ICO. The latest we expect this to occur will be 23rd December 2017.

Yes, we will be applying to be listed on exchanges however we are unable to specify which until the exchanges themselves announce this.