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Blockchain Gaming Platform TriForce Tokens Supported by Coventry University Enterprise

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TriForce Tokens Annoucnes Beta Release of Mobile App and Token Sale

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global vision

TriForce Tokens will become the most universally acceptable gaming currency on multiple gaming platforms offering player-to-player trading, anti-piracy and a unique honorary system that rewards collaborative game play.

Our technology will give developers new revenue models, lower player attrition rate, player behavioural analysis and creates a new gaming experience for players where they can build a digital asset empire.

three core foundations of the technology

Revenue generation
  • Players can trade items on an open market
  • Players can compete with each other for rewards
  • Developers can incentivise players to complete tasks
  • Developers can set a fee for any p2p transaction
  • Transactions happen almost instantly and seamlessly across platforms
player and developer protection
  • Authentication network for multiple platforms to detect piracy
  • Provide developers methods to extract revenue from pirated content
  • Big data interrogation and behavioural tracking to provide deep insights into players
  • Player activity profiles and honours provides community trust
community collaboration
  • Players are rewarded by their peers for positive collaboration
  • Trustworthy profiles are built that are transparent and verifiable
  • Players will earn revenue simply by helping others
  • They can stay in communication with each other across all platforms in one central place

the world's gaming experience

Redefining gaming for everyone

"Imagine a gaming community that is so collaborative, interactive; alive, you as a player can create and shape your own destiny and wealth. What if, as a developer you could integrate with ease into a live, analytical platform with deep player insights and new unique revenue generation models? What if as a player you could create a revenue stream by simply playing the games you love? Well, this is TriForce Tokens, the future of gaming."

Pete Mardell, Founder & CEO

project roadmap

Our strategy to become the most universal of gaming currencies worldwide

  • February 2018

    central api beta release

    Our central intelligence engine, connected to the Ethereum mainnet will be deployed

    Progress: In development

    February 2018

    game developer portal

    First release of our game developer application launchpad with goal of attracting game developers via an airdrop campaign.

    Progress: In development

  • April 2018

    final token distribution

    We complete our main token sale and distribute remaining tokens to bounty participants, team and advisers.

    May 2018

    RaidParty beta mobile app

    We release a unique social games engagement platform for iOS and Android.

    Progress: In development

  • June 2018

    Game integration kits released

    We will release full integration kits for game developers on popular platforms; Play store, App store, Unity3d and unreal.

    July 2018

    ISO27001 Application

    To ensure high quality standards of IT governance, we will be applying for ISO27001 industry standard for tech companies.

  • November 2018

    phase 2 features

    We introduce more advanced features into our beta central API intelligence engine and connected applications.

    December 2018

    become most established

    By the end of 2018 we want to be the most universal of all game currencies.

  • January 2019

    global expansion

    Once the foundation is established in Europe, we will move to expanding into other territories.

    March 2019

    full production release

    Our entire technology stack will be in full production by this point.

    This includes the central intelligence hub, game developer portal, gamer platform and RaidParty mobile application.

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buyer protection

Clear and transparent assurances that your contribution is protected and utilised entirely on advancing the project

fund security

  • Funds managed by independent escrow provider and global leaders, CoinPayments
  • All received funds to be held offline in cold storage
  • Funds to be released upon milestones achieved, not all up front
  • A dedicated relations manager to be appointed
  • Transparency policy in place with bi-weekly updates


  • Advisers who have worked on multi-million pound accounts
  • CEO proven technology start-up experience for leading UK technology platform
  • CTO holds masters in software engineering and is a certified Ethereum blockchain developer
  • Committed to growing the team significantly based upon funding level

sound technology

  • Smart Contracts independently reviewed and audited
  • Working with IT Governance Ltd to implement full technology audit and governance
  • Developer platform prototype developed
  • Player platform prototype developed
  • Mobile game prototype developed

market opportunity

  • 86% of surveyed indie developers said they loved the idea of our project
  • Global games market revenue at $108.9Bn in 2017
  • Global games market revenue estimated to grow 6.2% year on year
  • Our technology solves some of the top concerns expressed by gaming companies


Games Industry Advisers

Our amazing game industry expert line-up. Helping to shape our vision.

Vadim Bulatov

vadim bulatov

Games Industry Adviser

Head of SMM for World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes

LinkedIn Profile

Danny Montaner

danny montaner


E-sports manager to the largest competitive team FaZe Clan and former world champion of CS:GO.

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile
Tyrin Davidson

tyrin davidson

AKA DandyChap

Former competitive League of Legends player, Challenger Rank (top 200 in Europe)!

Twitter Profile


Our team is incredibly passionate, with strong development skills and a love of the games industry.

Pete Mardell

pete mardell

Founder & CEO

Former head of development of a UK recruitment platform, passionate gamer and crypto enthusiast

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile Github Profile

Jacob Ashby

jacob ashby

Chief Operations Officer

University of Westminster, Bachelors Degree, International Business

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile

Jakub Kafarski

jakub kafarski

Front-end Engineer

CycloMedia Technology, Ericsson

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile Github Profile

Sorina Rusu

sorina rusu

System Developer

MCA Computer Science

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile Github Profile

Tib Palin

tib palin

Blockchain Tech Consultant

Also consulted for UTRUST and Viuly ICO's

LinkedIn Profile

Wayne Barker

wayne barker

Social Media and Content Manager

Account manager for Bitcoin PR Buzz

Twitter Profile Facebook Profile


Our advisor board have a wide breadth of experience across multiple-sectors - helping to guide the core team en-route to success.

Ankur Maheshwari

ankur maheshwari

Blockchain Tech Adviser

Director of Blockchain Research at Techracers

LinkedIn Profile

Blake Pope

blake pope

ICO & Token Sale Strategy

CEO Bitcoin PR Buzz, worked closely on NEM, UTRUST and Lisk

Bitcoin PR Buzz Profile

Owen Ashby

owen ashby

Business Strategy

Business Analyst, Market Intelligence and Corporate Strategy

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile

Rick Oneill

rick o'neill

Brand Strategy

Owner of award winning digital marketing company, Look Touch & Feel Ltd in the UK.

LinkedIn Profile

Kate Breed

kate breed

Senior Management Mentoring

Former molecular biologist, Senior consultant in systems engineering, Councillor

LinkedIn Profile Twitter Profile

Zahid Ali

zahid ali

Investor Relations & Networking

Key member of highly successful Viuly project and a Graduate Diploma in Law

LinkedIn Profile